Jay Critchley, Incorporated: May 1-June 21, 2015

Curated by: Bailey Bob Bailey
Opening Reception: Friday, May 8, 7pm      Download poster

The Provincetown Art Association & Museum (PAAM) will present Jay Critchley, Incorporated: the first-ever museum survey of Provincetown artist Jay Critchley’s work, spanning more than 30 years. We hope you’ll join us for a free reception celebrating the opening of this exhibition and the Members’ 12×12 Exhibition and Silent Auction on Friday, May 8 at 7pm. #CritchleyInc1. Re-Rooter 1 Nancy Bloom copy 2

Critchley’s notoriety is fueled internationally by the alternative and mainstream media with one compelling, visionary proposal and idea after another, relentlessly tackling the big issues of our time, always with a baffling sense of humor, seriousness and timing: from global pathogens to plastics and the car culture, from climate change to corporate domination. What is the American Dream? He asks.

Resourceful at locating inspired places and ethereal niches to realize his ideas, Critchley finds unexpected and imagined locations and architectural sites for his temporary installations, subversive actions and performances and synergistic collaborations: transforming nuclear cooling towers and pre-demo motels, his backyard septic tank and an underground mausoleum, historic outhouses and Boston’s Big Dig tunnels.

The global media has created an interactive relationship with Critchley’s “public proposals” and projects − an unintended collusion that promoted and disseminated his ideas − long before social media.

His corporate personas and enterprises have challenged the dominance of corporations in a democratic society. He is founder and President of the NRC, (Nuclear Recycling Consultants,) TACKI (Tampon Applicator Creative Klubs International), Old Glory Condom Corporation (worn with pride country-wide the patriotic condoms imprinted with the American flag), and the IRS (International Re-Rooters Society), with its annual ritual and the burning of a Christmas tree/boat at sunset in Provincetown Harbor.

He is also founder and director of the Provincetown Community Compact and the annual Swim for Life, which has raised close to $4M for AIDS, women’s health and the Provincetown community.

Critchley’s work is exhibited, performed and presented throughout the US, Europe, Columbia, Argentina and Japan. He has won awards from Massachusetts Cultural Council, Boston Society of Architects, Smithsonian-Cooper Hewitt Museum in NYC and an HBO Audience Award at the Provincetown International Film Festival. He has been awarded artist residencies at Williams College, Harvard University, AS220 in Rhode Island, MilePost5 in Portland, Oregon, Harvestworks NYC, and Fundacion Valparaiso, Almeria, Spain and CAMAC, Marnay sur-Seine, France.

Critchley is featured in: Ptown Diaries, documentary film, 2009; the book Ptown-Art, Sex, and Money on the Outer Cape by Peter Manso, 2002; Under Wraps, documentary film, 1996; PBS documentaries: Provincetown, USA, 1990; Troubled Waters-Plastics in the Marine Environment, 1989; The Cultural Battlefield: Art, Censorship, & Public Funding by Jennifer A. Peter and Louis M. Crosier, 1995; and Sex and Death to the Age of 14, by Spaulding Gray, 1986.

A Jay Critchley, Incorporated catalog will be published by Provincetown Arts Press in collaboration with the Provincetown Public Library, who will publish it in eBook format. In 2016 the show will travel to Florida Atlantic University Galleries in Boca Raton. Future venues will later be announced.

Sign “Mobil Warming” petition for Florida Gov Rick Scott

Mobil Warming

Since his election in 2011, Governor Scott has ordered the Department of Environmental Protection, DEP, to refrain from using the terms “climate change” and “global warming.” He says he’s not convinced humans cause climate change. Artist Jay Critchley would like to help the governor out by proposing he use the term, “Mobil Warming.

                                     SIGN ‘MOBIL WARMING’ PETITION HERE.

“I can appreciate his position but it leaves the public confused. ‘Mobil Warming’ will allow Governor Scott to boldly state his policy towards ExxonMobile, BP, Royal Dutch Shell, and other multi-nationals so cozy with the Republican Party,” states the Provincetown, Massachusetts-based artist. The federal government has proposed opening up the south Atlantic coast to oil and gas drilling.

Critchley will speak at Florida Atlantic University on Tuesday, March 31 at 7:00pm, at the Performing Arts Building, Room 101, 777 Glades Road, Boca Raton campus. His presentation is entitled, “Don’t Be Crude: Art & the Energy Grid.” It will be preceded by a Meet and Greet at 6:00pm with activists and artists. Both events are free and open to the public. Check the artist’s website, www.jaycritchley.com for info on his survey show at Provincetown Art Association & Museum, May 1- June21.

32nd Re-Rooters Ceremony 2015 – Hands Up! We Can’t Breathe!

Cape Cod Times, photo by Ron Schloerb

Cape Cod Times, photo by Ron Schloerb

32nd Annual Re-Rooters Day Ceremony – 1-7-2015 – Provincetown Harbor
Hands Up! We Can’t Breathe!
!ehtaerB t’naC eW !pU sdnaH

Here is some of the text from the ceremony:

The Lord appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush and gave him…

The Ten Commandments of Fish-less Thought Leaders

  1. Asymmetric warfare is the Lord Thy God and thou shalt not have carbon-dense  prayer farming apparently manspreading snarky textpectations;
                       CHANT AFTER EACH: !ehtaerB t’naC eW !pU sdnaH
  1. Thou shalt not bashtag polar-vortexed homeless leveraging hackeried face-time inversions with rectal feeding;
  1. Thou shalt not bestie anti-vaxxers branding delethalization of food sovereignty cray-craying as the charmed New Abnormals;
  1. Thou shalt not keep holy the talking dead eavesdropping on the untraceable deported analytics lockdowned by neck-bearded denialists;
  1. Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother: Tar + Sands;
  2. Thou shalt not kill wearable ephemeral content fraudstering pre-conflict separatists’global reputation economy;
  1. Thou shalt not commit throwback extinctions quarantined by misery-indexed trigger warning insolvent mergers fracking down on undergarmented broken windows;
  1. Thou shalt not steal petro-states scientifically trafficking uber elephants consciously uncoupling trusticle draughts;
  1. Thou shalt not bear false witness against disinterestednessed pathogens ecosiding uber-heroes’ dark moneyed enhanced interrogations;
  1. Thou shalt not covet webward drone strikes life hacking the right-to-be-forgotten hoaxers bioengineering fish-less thought leaders;

Let it be known that the devils and sinners who deceive us shall be cast into the lake of fire and brimstone where the beasts and false profits are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. Amen.

Twelve Days of Stockpiling 2015
(Twelve Days of Christmas)
  1. And scientificality
  2. GamerGates
  3. Petro-states
  4. Motion seats
  5. * * Misery indexes
  6. Anti-vaxxers
  7. Textpectations
  8. Trusticles
  9. Climate hoaxers
  10. New Abnormals
  11. Climate denialers
  12. Uber-heroes

Burning Man

By Eric Williams and Jason Kolnos
Cape Cod Times,  Jan. 7, 2015
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PROVINCETOWN — If you purge it, Jay will burn it. That’s the sizzle behind Re-Rooters day, a voyage into kooky conflagration at the Cape tip. Ringmaster and flame-provider Jay Critchley led the 32nd annual affair Wednesday evening with a deft mix of nonsense and dignity. A loyal and chilled crowd of about 30 sang silly songs and repeated odd phrases.
“Thou shalt not hashtag polar-vortexted homeless leveraging hackeried face-time inversions,” Critchley informed his audience at one point. They seemed to agree.

But the ignition point of any Re-Rooters ceremony comes when Critchley, a Provincetown artist, asks folks to place items they would like to get rid of in a dry old Christmas tree.
That’s when the burdens of the past year are revealed.
First-time Re-Rooter Paige Riley of Harwich, who has been battling breast cancer, wanted to move on from her illness and tossed her bra onto the tree.
Provincetown resident Debbie Nadolney stuffed in something she regretted ever writing.
“I purged a sad love poem because I’m feeling so much better these days. So I’m letting go of fear,” she said.
With a tree-full of purges snugly nestled in a small boat, Critchley did the only sensible thing: torched that bad boy and walked it out to sea.
With 2014 safely scorched into history, we asked for Jay’s take on 2015.
“Absolutely cray-cray,” said Critchley.

The US Capitol building encrusted in sand by Sand-a Claus!

Jay Critchley, IRS President (International Re-Rooters Society) reroot@comcast.net


WASHINGTON, DC. Like a sandstorm paralyzing the city, lawmakers have put a pall over US Congress – and a blanket of sand – and smothered the spirit of Christmas itself.

To mark this occasion, artist Jay Critchley, President of the IRS (International Re-Rooters Society), has sent a postcard of holiday greetings to all US Congressional Representatives and US Senators with an image of the Congressional Building encrusted in sand, with a sand–enshrouded Sand-a Claus looming over the lopsided chambers. “Yes Virginia, there is a Sand-a Claus”? it reads. **

“We’ve squeezed the last bit of joy from the American people – no pain, no gain,” quipped a Congressmen with a satisfied grin – off the record – as he rushed to catch the corporate jet flying him home for the holidays.

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Safeguarding Provincetown Art – Fish ‘n’ Chips

A permanent installation, Fish ‘n’ Chips, was installed at the Provincetown Community Center in the early 1980s after a fire renovation. It’s created from fish skins, naturally colored sand and Motorola computer chips (made from silicone/sand). The building is being repurposed so it’s been removed for its next journey. Thanks to the Town Art Commission, Jim Bakker, Acting Town Manager David Gardner, Ginny Binder Associates, Kyle and Nate.




Blessed Virgin Rubber Goddess speaks of Ebola Virus

ENOLA EBOLA – Atomic Virus

O Mystical Rose of Eden, Protectress of the Rainforest, in our fear and anguish at environmental ruination and infestation of the Ebola virus, 50 years after the dropping of the atomic bombs by the Enola Gay, we beseech Thee!

We became aware of the Ebola Virus in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic Bombs by the Enola Gay (1945). The Blessed Virgin Rubber Goddess spoke to us then – and now – as we continue the destructive power of war.

Enola Ebola

Restore the precious immune system of the earth. Protect us with Thy radiant rubber mantle, that Thou might embrace and touch all creatures with renewed immunity. O Protectress of the Rainforest, console us all, our families and our lovers, with they healing grace. (Concentrate on your desires.) Amen.

Image by Lydia Eccles