The US Capitol building encrusted in sand by Sand-a Claus!

Jay Critchley, IRS President (International Re-Rooters Society)


WASHINGTON, DC. Like a sandstorm paralyzing the city, lawmakers have put a pall over US Congress – and a blanket of sand – and smothered the spirit of Christmas itself.

To mark this occasion, artist Jay Critchley, President of the IRS (International Re-Rooters Society), has sent a postcard of holiday greetings to all US Congressional Representatives and US Senators with an image of the Congressional Building encrusted in sand, with a sand–enshrouded Sand-a Claus looming over the lopsided chambers. “Yes Virginia, there is a Sand-a Claus”? it reads. **

“We’ve squeezed the last bit of joy from the American people – no pain, no gain,” quipped a Congressmen with a satisfied grin – off the record – as he rushed to catch the corporate jet flying him home for the holidays.

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Safeguarding Provincetown Art – Fish ‘n’ Chips

A permanent installation, Fish ‘n’ Chips, was installed at the Provincetown Community Center in the early 1980s after a fire renovation. It’s created from fish skins, naturally colored sand and Motorola computer chips (made from silicone/sand). The building is being repurposed so it’s been removed for its next journey. Thanks to the Town Art Commission, Jim Bakker, Acting Town Manager David Gardner, Ginny Binder Associates, Kyle and Nate.




Blessed Virgin Rubber Goddess speaks of Ebola Virus

ENOLA EBOLA – Atomic Virus

O Mystical Rose of Eden, Protectress of the Rainforest, in our fear and anguish at environmental ruination and infestation of the Ebola virus, 50 years after the dropping of the atomic bombs by the Enola Gay, we beseech Thee!

We became aware of the Ebola Virus in 1995 on the 50th anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic Bombs by the Enola Gay (1945). The Blessed Virgin Rubber Goddess spoke to us then – and now – as we continue the destructive power of war.

Enola Ebola

Restore the precious immune system of the earth. Protect us with Thy radiant rubber mantle, that Thou might embrace and touch all creatures with renewed immunity. O Protectress of the Rainforest, console us all, our families and our lovers, with they healing grace. (Concentrate on your desires.) Amen.

Image by Lydia Eccles

Edward Snowden in Provincetown!

Edward Snowden, NSA Whistleblower, meets Mario Savio of the historic Free Speech Movement (UC Berkeley, California 1964), in PLANET SNOWVIO;  A Benefit Staged Reading of an experimental musical by Jay Critchley; Obama and Putin appear; at Provincetown Theater Saturday, August 23, 2014, 7:30pm.

Planet Snowvio PosterWho travels to the beat of a “Different Drum”? 

“Did Mark Twain have it right? ‘History doesn’t repeat itself – but it rhymes.’  Where is the dissonance?”  – Jay Critchley

Multi-media artist Jay Critchley will present a staged reading of his new experimental musical, PLANET SNOWVIO.   The one-act play is based on the meeting of NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden and Mario Savio, leader of the Free Speech Movement (FSM), which transformed political and anti-war protests nation-wide and beyond. On their journey to PLANET SNOWVIO they encounter Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Barack Obama.  This political satire is sprinkled with humorous interpretations of classic pop songs.

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Planet Snowvio featured in San Francisco Chronicle

Savio, Snowden brought together for musical number

By Robert Hurwitt, San Francisco Chronicle

April 22, 2014

SAN FRANCISCO — Mario Savio and Edward Snowden walk into an art gallery – and sing “I Got You Babe.”

It’s more political than you might think. And not just because the Free Speech Movement icon and the NSA whistle-blower also wail Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come.”

“Planet Snowvio,” which makes its debut in the form of a staged concert-reading Sunday at UC Berkeley Art Museum, is “a musical pop parody” by multimedia conceptual artist Jay Critchley. A longtime resident of Provincetown, Mass. – at the far tip of Cape Cod – the 67-year-old Critchley has spent half his life creating projects ranging from installations and rituals to mock corporations (such as his Old Glory Condom Corporation), on gender, environmental and other political themes, usually with a comic edge.


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Planet Snowvio – “I Got You Babe”

This is the debut staged reading of Planet Snowvio, Written + Directed by Jay Critchley, at UC Berkeley (CA) Art Museum on April 27, 2014.  Edward Snowden of the NSA meets Mario Savio of the Free Speech Movement (50th anniversary) in this experimental musical/political satire.
The Cast:  Erin Alford – Savio, Jesse Cortez – Snowden, Masis Parunyan – Musical Director.   Other characters include Obama – Richard Kalman and Putin – Andre San-Chez.

This clip is from Scene II where Mario and Edward first meet and bond.